May reading

So this is my first actual blog, and I’m still not entirely sure why I feel the urge to write one to be honest.  Maybe it’s a distraction from what I should really be doing (studying, writing my dissertation). 

It was book group last night, one of my favourite nights of the month and a chance to talk about books for a few hours without thinking to myself ‘am I talking about books a bit too much?’  Last month we read ‘A Beautiful Indifference’ by Sarah Hall, it is a short story compilation (7 stories, about 30 pages each).  The author is from Cumbria but now lives in Norwich.  She has also been Booker Prize shortlisted in the past for one of her novels and made the Granta list.  I thought it was ok on the whole, a couple of the stories weren’t great, a couple were just odd (The Bees especially), but a couple were enjoyable, enough to keep interested.  The rest of the group had reasonable similar views to me with some other interesting points around the main protagonist in each of the stories being basically the same character and it was quite depressing reading about depressed people.  An interesting point was made around how the writing seemed unedited, as though the author wanted to write a stark novel, hadn’t quite hit the nail on the head but no one cared to mention this before publishing.  Overall there wasn’t too much discussion about the book; we need something to read with a bit more bite I think.  This coming month it’s a visit to Michael Connelly world with ‘The Brass Verdict’ 

Aside from this I have been reading quite a bit recently – after it took me 6 weeks to read ‘The Passage’ by Justin Cronin (honestly, it was bloody massive) I went no a bit of a rampage through the following: 

An enjoyable romp aimed primarily at young adult readers but worth a look.  It’s about a young lad, living in Cornwall, who collects elements (as in periodic table).  After discovery of a new element his life is threatened by some extremely sinister people… 

This was quite simply one of the best books I have ever read; I plan to blog about this book alone soon… so it goes 

This is a very enjoyable book set in 1850’s America about two brothers that are hired killers searching for a man in California.  The writing is excellent and I would strongly recommend this. 

Well I think that will do me for the first one 



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