Sacred by Dennis Lehane


Sacred is the third novel in Dennis Lehane’s ‘Kenzie & Gennaro’ series. Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are Boston private investigators and have featured in ‘A Drink Before the War’ and ‘Darkness, Take My Hand’ previously. Both of Sacred’s predecessors I enjoyed hugely, Lehane writes with grit, realism (to a degree), and a wit that runs throughout each novel.

At the beginning of Sacred, Kenzie and Gennaro, still reeling from the events that occurred in ‘Darkness, Take my Hand’, are employed by a Billionaire, Trevor Stone, to find his missing daughter. However, they are not the first investigators on this case – Kenzie’s one time mentor was searching for Desiree Stone for a few weeks but is also now missing. As the investigation gathers momentum, Kenzie and Gennaro find themselves embroiled in lies and deceit from every side of the story. Continue reading


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


So I’ve finally read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (I feel a little left behind in reading it), and mainly have done so as I would quite like to watch the film, but generally prefer to read the book first. Gone Girl is an interesting thriller told from two different perspectives – on one side you have Amy (the girl that is to be gone), the other is Nick (her husband). The book approaches the narration chapter by chapter switching between the two main characters. The setup of Nick and Amy’s relationship and detailing events before her disappearance is provided to the reader through Amy’s diary. Events that take place on the day of the disappearance and after come from Nick’s perspective.
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Mr Mercedes by Stephen King


Mr Mercedes is the second King novel I’ve read this year and the fourth in the last 12 months. Two of the other three novels have been re-reads (Under the Dome and Pet Semetary) and the other was Doctor Sleep (the sequel to The Shining). Whilst King is renowned for writing horror fiction, and these other three novels are based in the supernatural with horror elements (especially Pet Semetary), Mr Mercedes is a pure, hard-boiled crime thriller. Continue reading